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Maid in Kelowna is proud to announce that we now offer organic cleaning to our extensive cleaning services. For a healthier way of living we believe that natural household products are much safer, it is a well-known concept - that vinegar, soda and other natural products clean just as well as the average chemical cleaner, but without the adverse side-effects with regard to health (many people have allergic reactions to soap, surfactants, colorants, preservatives and other chemicals) and the environment.

Maid in Kelowna commenced the idea that, especially here in Canada, we are so used to our well-known household chemicals - and that it would be difficult to go back to vinegar and soda. Therefore, we developed natural alternatives to well-known cleaners.

Maid in Kelowna produced cleaning recipes that are based on all natural ingredients: baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, salt, cream of tartar, ethanol (alcohol), and plant materials, such as extracts, vegetable emulsifiers, waxes, powders and gels. We use essential oils, and only all natural preservatives, almost all essential oils are antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Essential oils are not greasy and will evaporate when left in the open air, which makes cleaning much safer.

Maid in Kelowna uses only products that are all non-toxic, non-irritating or, dangerous, they are completely free from hazardous ingredients such as solvents and petroleum based chemicals, which can release volatile compounds into your indoor environment.

For a safer clean you have the option of choosing our organic cleaning service at no extra charge. For more information on our services and rates contact us today – Phone: 250-870-1177.

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