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Office cleaning in Kelowna!

The Dirt on Office Cleaning:
Dusting, mopping and cleaning bathrooms! You do these chores at home, but it is also important to do them at the office.

Maid in Kelowna caters our services directly to the individual needs of the customers we serve, enabling our customers to achieve the image and efficiency they strive for, No one does it better.

Maid in Kelowna offers all the services needed to keep your establishment looking clean and professional. Maid in Kelowna strives to incorporate the newest technologies and techniques in our cleaning services to ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our goal is to find and address the areas that can enhance the presentation and visual image of your company, allowing your business to get on with its business.

Some general office cleaning services would include:

Bathrooms that get frequently used by several employees should be cleaned daily. The process includes cleaning all the toilet bowls, urinals, and other sanitary facilities, collecting the trash, refilling the soap dispensers, re-stocking the toilet paper and paper towels, wiping down the sink area, bathroom fixtures and mirrors, as well sweeping and damp mopping the floors.

Waste Removal
Maid in Kelowna will take the consideration to pick up and remove waste with every visit.

Foyer, Stairs, and Hallways
Since a foyer or reception area is one of the most visible and most used parts of an office or building, and potentially the most soiled. The foyer may require a little more time than most other areas.
We will spot clean windows, doors and mirrors daily. Dust, sweep, and damp mop at least once or twice a week, more often if needed. If your foyer is carpeted, or you have entry mats, they will vacuum daily as well as stairs and hallways. In addition, the walls and fixtures will be cleaned frequently.

Vacuuming and mopping
High Traffic areas, and those seen by customers, should be vacuumed or mopped daily. Other parts of the office will be done on as needed basis.

Maid in Kelowna cleaners use micro-fiber cloths to dust. Micro-fiber cloths tend to work better than dusters because they grab the dust and hold the dust, rather than just moving it around the room. We will keep your furnace, vents, fixtures, ornaments ect. Dust free!

Office Kitchen or break room
On our visits we will clean and empty the refrigerator to prevent “leftovers” from remaining indefinitely, this will occur on an as needed basis. We will wipe down microwaves, counter areas, sink, and tables once a day. Floors and cabinets will be cleaned as needed.

For more information on office cleaning in kelowna please contact us. Phone: (250) 870-1177 or email us at

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