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Removing Wine Stains

They key in removing wine stains is catching it right when it happens, if at all possible.

Wine stains on carpet: If you have the luxury of catching the stain immediately after the accident happens, pour a liberal amount of salt over the stain to absorb the wine. Once the salt has absorbed the wine simply vacuum up the salt.

Wine stains on clothing and materials: Once again try and catch the spill as soon as possible for best results. As soon as the accident happens blot up the wine immediately with a clean cloth. Once the excess wine has been lifted, sponge the area with carbonated soda water or warm water. The carbonation in the soda water will help lift the stain right out. If the fabric with the stain is washable then carefully pour hot water on the stain and wash it as soon as possible in your washing machine. Before drying the material be sure and check to make sure the stain completely gone. If not, repeat this procedure until you achieve the desired result.

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